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2 min readMar 27, 2020


Don’t you just hate it when you earned something that you work so hard for, and all people said is just “You’re lucky!”

There is a saying among the fortunate, it goes like this,

“The more you sweat, the luckier you get”.

The idea is really simple, but for those who didn’t know, just by that saying, we get the idea that even the luckiest of people didn’t get their fortune by pure luck.

People who work harder have a higher chance to get lucky compared to those who just sit around waiting for cash to fall into their lap. This is why you are the one who gotta go out there, work your ass off so you might get that opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s take an example, a simple one.

Let’s say you just finished high school, and you wanted to be a lawyer so you think you’re going to apply for Law School. You admitted you’re not a very bright person, so you apply for, let’s say ten law schools. You study hard, you fly back and forth to one city to another to take the enrollment exam, you try to get as much rest as possible as the exam schedules are very tight.

Time goes by and you start receiving letters, you start opening them one by one. A week has passed since the first letter arrived and you’re opening the ninth letter that comes into your mailbox, again the letter reads “I’m sorry…….”. But you won’t give up, as you think there’s still hope. The very next day, a letter arrived. You carefully tear up the envelope, you pull it out, and it reads

“You are accepted to be a student at Xx Law School”

You get it.

You earned it because you work very hard, people might say you’re lucky because you’re only accepted in one out of the ten Law Schools you applied to. And yes, you are lucky, but will you get accepted if you didn’t work as hard as you did? Will you get accepted if you only apply to nine law schools and leave out the last one?

Now you see my point, the harder you work, and the more you sweat, the higher your odds to get lucky. So if you’re still sitting around in your mom’s basement expecting that cash falling into your lap, just remember, luck won’t find you.



Alwan Alkautsar, RSA®, FMVA®

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